Listen to Mozart Being Played in 1782

Have you ever considered how drastically music has changed in the past 300 years?

It was only 194 years ago, in 1824, that Beethoven composed the final movement of his famous Symphony No. 9. About eight years later, the modern day acoustic guitar was invented.

In comparison, the electric guitar was first created in 1932, only 100 years later!

Just a mere 108 years separates Beethoven and the electric guitar, and just 87 years for us in 2020.

I often find it difficult to conceptualize the significance of, and sometimes the lack thereof, these advancements throughout time.

However, in one of my YouTube deep dive sessions, I came across an incredible little slice of the internet: guyjones.

This YouTube channel features a fascinating collection of archived videos, musical recordings, and photos throughout hundreds of years.

Jones categorizes and releases the many brief glimpses of history to his channel after speed and/or color correcting them.

I highly recommend checking out his videos to better understand how music has evolved over the centuries. Even just one song can go through a multitude of changes in mere decades, as best shown Jones’ video Music Through Time: Recordings of Mozart’s Fantasy in C Minor K. 396.

While the energy and quality changes over the years, it’s incredible to experience the preservation of Mozart’s music across four centuries.

Looking at history through the lenses of archival footage and documents can produce a profound realization of how time can greatly impact art and humanity, while barely impacting it at the same time.

Unrelated to music, I also personally love to watch Guy Jones’ videos that showcase footage of city streets.

He puts a ton of effort into finding all these old pieces of art, so I wanted to give him a shout-out while also sharing the joy I experience when I get the notification of new video.