Valentine’s Day Playlists For Couples, Singles, and Anti-Lovers

As Valentine’s Day approaches, have you settled on any plans?

Maybe you’ll be out to dinner with your S.O., or playing Cards Against Humanity with friends and a case of beer, or possibly refusing to leave your house and its stockpile of Reese’s peanut butter cups. Regardless of how you intend to spend the pink splattered holiday, it is essential to have the right playlist to set the mood.

Here are three limited edition Valentine’s Day playlists for three different V-Day (the cupid one) vibes.

1. Head Over Heels

For all you saps with sweethearts this Friday. 💋

2. Heartbroken

For those getting over somebody that had the nerve to break your heart. Asshole.

3. Over It

For everyone who is spending the day single, without a fucking care in the world.

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